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    Digital Tachs for 2 strokes

    im thinking for putting a digital tach on my 1300R and wondering if there are any round ones out there, that are digital and not difficult to install. the Tiny tach is square and looks cheap, id like to do something new... is wrapping a wire around a plug wire the only way to get a reading in these things?

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    Pet 2100 is good , pet 2500 is great but $$ check out the gh store I think he has a digital tach there too maybe an R&D ...yes either wrapping wires or the coil pack is most accurate. And for modding a gpr an aftermarket tach is def a required item. It will help you dial the ski in nicely? Although you think the tiny tach commercial looks cheap it's a very inexpensive and reliable product. Many riders use them because of price but when you start modding more you can sell it to someone else who is just beginning. I think usage life is around 5 years.....

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    The Pet 2100 tach is also small but is very easy to install. The screen is easy to read and the numbers show well in all lighting conditions. I bought a used one for about $170.00 no problems ... good luck

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