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    04 Aquatrax Turbo Air Box Removal

    All right so i decided to get rid of the stock air intake system and install a direct bolt on to the turbo k&n air filter, my question is is i have 2 hoses conected to the stock plastic tube one of them i know it goes to the oil pump which i put a small air breather on it and the other is a small vacum house that comes from the turbo to a sensor on top of the intake manifold. Theres two little vac hoses attached to this sensor the one on the top that comes directly from the from the turbo and the one on the bottom used to be hooked top to the intake tube. I tried blocking it off but it didnt work the turbo wouldnt spool, and now i just left it open and it works fine. My question is where should i hook up this hose since i dont have that long stock tube no more just a filter at the breathing hold on the turbo. Thanks for the help.

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    If anyone know what im talking about please help.

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    Old thread, but good info:

    The bottom tube from the stock intake plenum is just to drain water that gets in there, don't worry about it.

    The little vacuum tube from the intake plenum to the sensor does not need to be connected either. I just took the bottom section off, and left it open at the coupling. Everything works fine.

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