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    Acceptable curise speed/RPM??

    I have a 2009 GTI SE 155 I recently purchased for recreational use. Well it took only about 1 week before I strapped an ice chest to it and went fishing. Just some inland fishing, mash areas, a few bays, etc.

    My question is at what speed or engine RPM do you guys run for sustained periods of time? My ski will top out at about 56 mph at about 8,000, but I don't want to run it WOT for 15 miles or so. I settled on 6,500 RPM or about 45 mph. What do you guys do??


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    30-35 mph is the max ill do on a trip with gear and what not. no need to go any faster. I dive regularly in the keys off my ski for many hours.

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    Seldom is it calm here. Sorry to say 30 is often tops. I would go faster but not with the cooler, might with the rocket launcher. Just seems the mass of the cooler, etc would start to overwhelm things.

    This is not to say i haven't opened her up (52 gps measured mph) but i felt it was a ‘holy c**p' ride.

    '09 GTI SE 155
    Virginia Beach

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