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    Seadoo sportster 2005

    I'm new to this stuff. I've been trying to winterize my boat for a few days now. I'm pretty happy with the basic stuff like fogging the engine, applying lube to metallic parts etc. The part I'm struggling with is the water damage risk. All I have done so far is tilt the trailer and run the engine for 20sec to spit up all the water. Lots came out. I then connected a 5' water hose to the back connector and ran the engine while my buddy funnelled some plumbers antifreeze down the garden hose. We Ran the engine for 20-30seconds and the shut it off (rev'd it a little too). I saw antifreeze spill out the intake grill beneath the hull, and some came out of the jet pipe. Am I done? Did the antifreeze go where it needed to go? Is the water safely removed? It's important to note that I will storing the engine in a indoor garage. Not heated but likely not too cold either.
    Please help me sleep easy at night this winter as I am by no means an engine guy.

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

    I think that's good but I don't winterize because I'm in Florida..

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    what kind of fuel is in it
    like how much ethanol?
    you only put antifreeze in the exhaust system

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