Hello everyone I'm new to the forum I recently purchase an Autronic sm4 for my 11 fzr from Mandy performance here in MIA and I'm not familiar with it.The ecu has already a base tune on it but I believe that you need a map for every wheel.Any ways I'm getting an e-t supercharger with and e-t 15.5 psi or 18 psi wheel not sure which one jet All of this is from Mandy but he said that I need it to contact Josh at [email protected] for different maps and stuff but no luck so far.
Mod's already done.
-Riva intake no filter -JD exhaust( water box) done by Mandy -Prop solas r re pitch to 8500 rpm -Big inter cooler from frozen boost and 3'' piping with hks blow of valve. -Autronic sm4 ecu with big throttle body and ported intake manifold. -Cooling system upgraded, drill it transom to 5/8 for single water feed to inter cooler and no thermostat. -Currently running c3 wheel stock charger and stock motor speeds are 82.7mph on gps at 12 psi -vx plate cut and reinforced tunnel. - [email protected] fprr set to 35 psi afr 11.9
Please if some one can point me in the right direction here so when my new supercharger is ready I can have a map for it and be able to tune it. Need one for the E-T 15.5 and E-T 18 psi wheel not sure which one but will like to know if anybody can get some maps for them thanks.