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    2004 low time RXP 35 hours....lost a bunch of power..but not a blown SC oil abit high

    Bought a 04 RXP this summer with 12 hours on it..bought a sc rebuild kit before i even got the sled ,because i didnt know total time on ended up being brand new (SCORE!) I decided to ride this summer,because i live in Ketchikan Alaska,and the nearest seadoo dealer is a 1000 miles away.i did an oil/filter change at 32 hrs and then put a couple more hours on it with no probs at all. The next time i splashed it,it started n ran fine,but could only get about 6800 rmp and about 56 mph with no pickup at all. I figured i blew the SC so i took it out.when i got home i pulled the intake hose and the charger was xfine,no play at all,and tight as can be. I started looking around and noticed the oil was abit high,not much,about an 1/8 over full on the dipstick. I checked the troubleshooting section in the manual and the first thing listed under "loss of power" is "engine oil to high"....does anyone know if i can just drain some oil?or did i possibly do something else by having to much oil??..(throttle position sensor??)..????..i got enough scare about the SC,that im not putting it back in untill i get it i havent been able to find out if draining some of the oil "fixed" the problem or not..any info on this????...also looking for a direct contact for Jerry (phone #?) i can see if i can send him my charger and rebuild kit...and to where?? And how much...etc...thanks folks!!

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