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    01 GP800 Ibody Mikuni choke plates

    For all of you that have taken out the choke plates and installed primers, can you find the box you put these in and send them to me? I'm pretty sure the GP1200 has the same carb. It would be great to get the shafts and screws for a pair (resist the witty comments...) along with the two plates.

    Please PM me to work out price and shipping. I am in the middle of a rebuild and really need to get back to stock. Thanks for your help.

    (I know, I could remove the accelerator pump, rejet and deal with it but this is a stock ski with stock items and there seems to be a big knowledge gap on carb specs for the 800.) I am not a mikuni expert and somehow getting the rack out a few times is more than enough for me so far. I am open to a good recipe for a stock 800 with the OE airbox and removal of the acc pump though. main jet, pilot jet, N/S, screw settings and pop off pressure numbers would be great! If it is like the 1200, leaving the plates in can make a difference in the settings.

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    Thanks to theprophet for sending a pair of plates. This forum rocks! I hope to return the favor some day.

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