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    seadoo 3d problem, fouling plug.

    i have a seadoo 3d . its a 787 rfi 04, ski runs fine for 1 to 2 minutes on new plugs, then begins to bog. under load in the water it will not rev up at all, it has limited diagnostics with being 04 model. flashing orange check light apears within 2 minutes just after ski starts to bog. hasd anybody else had similar symptoms and found a solution?

    thanks, phil.

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    hi and welcome to the hulk.

    The flashing maintenance lamp believe it or not is a good thing.

    You will however need a code reader such as the candoo pro ( available right here on GH) or a seadoo dealer .

    Once the code is read and cleared, you'll have an opportunity to make a repair.

    Without knowing the code, you'll be on a wild goose chase of replacing expensive parts which may or may not solve the problem.

    Until you can get the reader check all electrical connections and battery voltage while in the water with the engine running

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    Usedvscan sea with no joy as no diagnostic port on early model only dess capability. Ski is running rich on front cylinder and fouling plugs. Any ideas on a wild goose chase ?

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    well my advanced analytical ability and the fact that I can often smell what is wrong with a ski just be reading a couple of internet messages I'd say you have an electrical problem that is triggering the maint warning and a leaky crank seal allowing two stroke oil into the crankcase which is fouling your plug. Of course that's a wild ass guess. I'd much prefer knowing exactly is throwing the maint warning, so I can make the surgical strike needed to escape a RFI issue without going broke.

    Get access to a code reader for $400 or spend at least that much chasing your tail You might as well be a captain in McHales navy trying to diagnose an RFI ski without the essential tools.

    The candoo code reader is widely used by members here and can certainly read the codes of a ski with a DESS connector. It's money well spent and you can quickly recover most of the investment by making keys and resetting service nags for your pals. The $400 unit supports 4 individual skis..additional skis can be added for a small price per ski.

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    I've had this exact symptom on an RFI before. If you blow off the wet fouled plug with carb cleaner will it fire right back up and then within 1 minute load up and die again? If so then you need to check the electrical connector at the coil and make sure it's making good contact. If that's good then get the specs and ohm out the coil. The one I was working on had a loose pin inside the connector and when it was hooked up it pushed the pin backwards inside the connector but not out the backside. It was barely making contact and would not fire under a load. Just an FYI....that little tidbit of information cost me over 6 hours of labor and troubleshooting. I only found it as a last resort when I started ohming out the actual wiring harness and doing wiggle tests.

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