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    GPR SHO for sale in Perth Western Australia

    Hi guys

    Its time to sell my GPRSHO. its based in Western Australia. Details are as follows

    C3 wheel
    Frozen boost IC
    R3 reflash
    Ruis valve springs/retainers
    Cam gears
    Dampner idler gear
    Riva SC shaft kit (oil fed one)
    new clutch (7 hours old)
    96 hour engine
    Riva air intake
    Pump tunnel area reinforcements done, including larger bolts etc
    Blueprinted transom, stator and pump (lots of work done here)
    1" pump tunnel reliefs
    race seat with filled in back sections (i use this ski for wave jumping so its completely water tight)
    SHO dash mounted in console
    Come with freeflow pipe and sound suppression setups
    On very impressive custom make aly trailer with 19" SSV wheels
    Autodrop nozzle
    1200 intake grate currently installed (comes with a 800SS grate also)
    Skatty prop (15 hours old)

    Runs 85MPH (at 8200rpm) in perth (which seems to be slower than everywhere else in the world ) though this is setup for hookup and ocean riding/wave jumping. Runs stock ride plate and trim tabs as i find these are best for every day conditions, sure with the prop pitched and a ride plate it will see 90 fairly easily.

    Looking for 13k firm for this setup. Will assist in shipping to the east coast and also happy to take the ski to a local yamaha dealer for inspection if required.

    PM me or email me at [email protected] for details.

    Here is a link to the gumtree advert


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