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    1999 DR200SE Project Engine Help

    Hey ya'll!

    I am in need of ya'll help fixing up and getting my bike running. I bought a 1999 Suzuki DR200SE a few months back. Basically, the engine needed a new bottom end. And top end bored etc. Basically engine was shot. Cuz it seized on previous owner. When I opened everything out and drained oil and checked filter there was alot of metal shavings so defintiely got siezed.

    Anyway, I decided to get the cylinder jug bored out into a 230cc. And I got a new Wiseco LT230 +.5mm Piston set to go with the rebuild. I bought a 2009 complete bottom end and started transferring the other parts from the old engine like flywheel, stator & cover, etc. Put in a new Winderosa complete engine gasket kit in and assembled everything back together. I completed hooking everything back up tonight and tried to get it started but NO LUCK! It would NOT fire up. I know theres gas in carbs and I even sprayed starting fluid to no avail. I know there is spark, I checked that.

    I saw that an LT230 piston would work on this thing, thats why I went with it since I was having a hard time finding a replacement 200 piston kit at the time. Now I cant figure this out.

    So any help and advice from you guys would be great, especially from the engine builders here.

    I know this isn't a motorcycle forum but I'm sure alot of people here knows alot about mechanics and rebuilds and stuff and maybe mechanics as a profession.


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    Did you check compression and spark timing?

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    I believe on this bike the spark timing is done by lining up the timing mark on the flywheel/rotor. I have lined it up and checked to make sure. I did check compression and I have a HF compression tester and what it reported back is I've got 60psi cold(since it dont run yet and don't really know how accurate this comp tester is) - which is weird cuz pretty much everything is new on this thing. So I'm kinda stumped.

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    Check your compression tester on a known good engine, of any type. See if the numbers make sense.

    Or find another compression tester to check your engine.

    60PSI is not going to want to run, if it really is that low.

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