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    Sea-doo lost their mojo??

    Remember the when the XP came out it was epic!! and it stayed that way its now somewhat of a "classic" if thats not sign of a great thing I dont know what is

    Maybe its just me but I kind of feel Sea doo just isnt the same anymore.....

    miles ahead of the game... sea doo stayed there with all the consecutive models and then a few different skis came about that were quite formidable (ultra 150 comes to mind here).. even so the Doo's always had a look about them (later xp's and RX's) and their style and appearance was always untouched by any other ski...
    Then the RXP (what this site is after if im not mistaken) comes out in 04 the game changer and still has changed the PWC scene today .. and the magic 200hp mark is bust in a spectacular way... it is groundbreaking a different league.. the 4 stroke is gone from being the frugal conservative one to knocking the sporty 2 strokes chops..
    not only is it hell fast but it looks amazing and the cool paint colours keep on coming.. once again the signature ace card of Sea- Doo I remember being way to disproportionately excited seeing the first one in my local area and the green was soo damn cool.

    in todays market though Sea-doo are still up there of course but all the others have caught up they are all using similar technology (4 stroke forced induction) and sea doo havent raised the bar ( if they have they would argue safety with brakes etc) the DOO's trump card of looks is no longer there in my book. The whole transformer thing doesnt doo it for me at all..

    guess Il be buying used market for my next ski!

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    US economy is in the hole. They call it a recession but it's a nasty depression. There is a bigger gap between the rich and the middle class/poo than in history. Gas will continue to rise. The Syria BS will skyrocket gas prices if it happens. They're playing it smart by playing to market share and the general population just looking to get out on the water.

    Wait a few years.

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    Obviously you haven't ridden a ski with brakes and suspension....

    I don't see any logs or cows with anything close...
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    I have owned every seadoo made even the 3D. I must say I dont agree with your statment, I mean the New RXTX260, The RXPX 260, IS models and now they open the range up furture with the spark. SOunds to me they are branching out in alot of ways.
    I think it is just so hard in todays market. ALL most people want to see is a BIG MOTOR and big HP numbers.
    IDK IMO ride a new P-X or T-X 260 and I bet you will love it. NO they are not XP's but they will amaze you.

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    I have owned many from 1996 till my 2012 px they are way better than xp ride one with brakes it is a must

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    I think it's the other way around. The other manufacturers are kind of laboring-with only minor tweaks and color changes.
    SeaDoo has been very innovative over the past few years, and continues to lead in sales, worldwide, for a reason. Love it, or hate it-that's the way it is.

    Right now, with the way the US economy is-riding a PWC is a rich mans sport. Who else has $16+ grand to walk into a dealership, and pay cash for one? Not to mention the hourly costs, for what amounts to a "water toy". A PWC is not practical-it can only carry 3 people, or maybe a skier/wake-boarder. For that amount of money-you can buy a boat that carries more people, etc.

    But wait-there's more; while the economy struggles, SeaDoo comes out with a PWC that's brand new, innovative, and the masses can afford!!! Say what you will about the Spark-but I think it's opened up a whole new market for the PWC's. Eventually, those Spark owners will find themselves in a position where they can afford the larger boats......and that's a bonus for those of us that own larger boats, that down the road decide to sell-it will keep resale values higher, IMHO.

    *bash away*

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    the spark was a smart's hard to get a loan for a 10k anything these days..5k..not so much..and then the 10+ gallon$( upwards of 15 gal hour at full throttle) an hour of fuel, it becomes as xpensive as running a bigger boat.

    Planning and execution takes time. The Seadoo crystal ball was pretty clear..tough economy and higher fuel prices continued since the inception of the spark project.

    Lost mojo..maybe on the graphics but the concept and timing were on the dime.

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    Not sure why everyone whines about Seadoo and Yamaha not upping their power, while Kawasaki went to 310. If you want more power on a doo or Yamaha just give them a tune or bolt on a bigger charger, sky's the limit. The Kawasaki has bigger numbers stock but good luck getting more out of it.

    People will buy Seadoo and yam regardless of the HP rating, and those that want more will get it.

    And if the spark isn't innovative and completely changing direction from all other new skis, not sure what is. Small, light, great economy.

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    Horsepower does not always equate to a quicker/faster boat. There are other factors at play here. And, I won't get into any of it.

    You just have to decide what type of riding you do, what your real budget is(that includes how much a ride you can afford in fuel-I spend on average $40+ per ride), etc.
    I'm perfectly fine with the fact that my Yacht(2013 GTX 260 iS Limited), can only go about 69mph(GPS Limiter). And, I'm perfectly fine with the fact that my friend, who has a 300X, can beat me in a drag race, from any speed.
    I'm also fine with the fact that some other boats are quicker/faster, and handle better. For me, it's about MY priorities, and, what I could afford. YMMV.

    I'm not a "fan-boy" of any make/model. And, I've ridden almost all of them. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. You have to decide what is right for YOU, and your budget.

    And, some of you have never ridden the smaller sit-down boats, or stand-ups. You would be amazed at just how much fun it is, to do a 180 degree turn, and slide backwards. Or, spin 360 degree's. Jumping waves, and reaching heights never before achieved on 800+lb sit-downs, is now possible.

    This is like the X-2, of your generation(I'm pretty I remember back to when I had a JS400, rode the new X-2, and riding PWC's was more about fun/tricks, than speed).

    It has been said that the for most members here, the Spark isn't for them. And that's fine.

    But, to say SeaDoo has lost it's Mojo??!! You completely missed on that one. Ride a Spark, and get back to me, and let me know about that Mojo thing....... Caveat-I have not ridden a Spark yet-so I can't comment. But, I have seen them in person yesterday, and they look pretty cool!!!

    Not sure if the "star's will align" for me to be able to ride one this weekend......but I have my fingers crossed that things will work in my favor. I can't make it to the "test ride" session at Pirate's Cove(it's Saturday Morning-and will take an hour just to launch from Site Six-good luck finding a parking spot).
    But hopefully, they stick around Monday Morning, and show up at Body Beach(HINT!!!!) that I can "participate", and give a ride review

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    Quote Originally Posted by iflyems View Post
    my Yacht(2013 GTX 260 iS Limited)
    Have you had your ski out in the ocean? I'm curious to know if the suspension works well in waters that are pretty rough. Specifically for a long ride like Long Beach to Catalina or Miami to Bimini. I'm trying to find out if it is helpful or might actually make things worse on a trip like that...

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