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    2009 Ultra 260X idles too high

    My 2009 260 Ultra just started idling really fast. Nothing is stuck, the cable is good and in adjustment, the throttle is all the way shut at the linkage but as soon as you hit the starter it jumps up to almost half throttle rpms. Someone suggested I replace the STM/ICM/ECM (idle control motor $174) which I did and there's no change whatsoever. This thing has a pampered 70 hours on it with no modifications. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Unplug your kss Kawasaki smart steering or whatever the proper name is. It's the larges white oblong shaped plug there is.

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    Copt that, I'll give it a try. When I had it in the water I thought it may have been that, but I tested that system and it seemed to engaging and disengaging appropriately. Thanks for the help.

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