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    OPAS on the Spark?

    Did BRP put OPAS on the Spark or leave it off to save some weight and money? The lower hull is black so I can't make it out in the photos.

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    It does not have OPAS which are just some steering paddles in the back.
    It has Off-throttle assisted steering system (O.T.A.S.)
    "BRP's O.T.A.S. system for Sea-Doo watercraft monitors the rider's steering input as well as the operational speed and automatically increases engine speed to provide additional power when necessary."
    There are mixed reviews on this system, some say it applies power at the worse possible time

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    I was wondering if that was the case since it is a fly by wire throttle. I am NOT a fan of any safety system that messes with engine RPM. It seems like this system could get in the way of intended actions like spins and slides.

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    Otas only comes on a low rpm/speed.
    It's a mild bump in the rpms and it does take some getting use to..

    After you have had it come on a few times you get a better feel for it.

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    Kawis have had it for years, On them its as easy as unplugging it to stop it from activating ......

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