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    Putting a 650 stator on a 750 motor?

    Hello all.

    I have a '95 SL 750 that I picked up for relatively cheap due to the wires leading to the stator being fried. I haven't had the chance to inspect the stator itself before I had to leave FL to come up to VA, so I'm not sure about its condition, but I suspect it could stand to be replaced. There is currently a SL 650 for sale up here in VA for $150, not running due to motor damage. Would the stator from it work on the SL 750?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! It has been said that the 650 ignition components will not work with the 94 and newer 750 components. However, I don't believe it has been fully proven. I wouldn't take the risk, unless you wanted to prove it one way or the other......

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    I've put 650 electronics on a 750. they are reverse though. One of them has the wires coming through the mag cover and the other has them through the case. It requires drilling to run the wires. You will have to use the 650 flywheel. I think you'll have to use all of the electronics too not just the stator

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    Figures. Well, I guess I'll look around to see if anyone's got a 750 for sale for cheap.

    Thank you.

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