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    Symptoms of a bad fuel regulator?? 80 PSI

    04 RXP Stock

    I just performed a fuel pressure test after replacing the fuel pump with another OEM bosch pump. I used a 6 ft long fuel injection hose and placed a 100 psi pressure guage on the end of it and connected the other end to the OEM fuel regulator output. However before I connected the pressure gauge to the end of the hose I put the key on the dess and made sure fuel was going to come out of the hose and it did. So then proceeded to connect the pressure gauge to the end of the hose. Then put the key back on the dess and the pressure gauge shot up to 80 PSI....

    I am assuming the fuel regulator is shot, correct?

    From my understanding stock fuel regulator should never allow the fuel pressure in the line to go over 56-60 PSI.

    Sorry for the multiple threads...but I am having multiple issues.

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    either your gage is wrong or the reg is bad

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