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    FS: 2007 FX1100 (FX HO) Hull (looking for a buyer before i break it down)


    LOCATION: Houston, TX 77040 or Livingston, TX 77360

    ID: F1X813627

    Bought an 07 FXHO (black with yellow decals) as a donor for an SUV conversion. I didn't realize how quiet and nice this ski is and wanted to make sure I'm going to be able to get some cash out of the hull before I choose to destroy this thing.

    Come with ALL cash offers and any offers of 2003 or 2004 SUV hulls. Title in hand

    The Good: Cosmetic above waterline looks good. I would put it at an 8 or maybe an 8.5 with some heavier buffing effort.

    If you need the trailer it can be negotiated as well but it is a heavy-ass duty galvanized trailer in great shape except for the jack stand will not extend up and down. it does turn...just no vertical movement at all. I believe the gears inside are stripped.

    THE BAD:
    1. Below the waterline the hull looks good except for the very bottom ridge 2" either side of center shows the wear from beaching...enough to have no doubt it was done on a regular basis. Ski has 190 hours on it FWIW.
    2. The previous owner cut 4" holes for marine speakers in the foot wells above the position where your feet would naturally rest (even for a tall dude) so they are not in the way but ??? in the @*CK would someone do that there is beyond me. One speaker is no good at all. The other is holding water out of the hull just fine. I am either going to have the holes repaired (re-glassed) and then cover the repair with hydroturf just like the rest of the footwell or just install 2 new marine 4" speakers and be done with it.

    The schedule: Wanted to put another 10 hours on this ski to make sure the motor is healthy enough before breaking it down to do the SUV conversion with it. I'm planning on starting this in 1 month. Besides the dang speaker blunder this hull is worthy of using for a conversion or whatever. It shows well.

    Bring all serious cash offers and again...will barter for a 2003 or 2004 SUV hull. I am not 100% certain what parts I will be needing for the conversion so plan your offer with just the hull, skins, rub rail, step ladder, sponsons, handlebar setup etc. I am sure I will only need some cables, motor, exhaust???, cooling stuff, gauges, gas tank (maybe???) and a few other items. I know there are posts on the hulk that detail exactly what I will need so I'll look them up and know more in a bit. 713-444-6511 text is okay with your offer but include your greenhulk screen name and make sure and put something about FXHO hull in the offer so I know what it is for. I'm selling bunches of other stuff on CL. If someone in the TX valley wants it I may be able to help deliver since my folks are down in brownsville for the winter. If you live near Dallas, I could drive it up there when I head up mid december for the Packers/Dallas game. Email is: houstonwarren2@yahoo.comClick image for larger version. 

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