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    Is it safe to take a buffer to a waverunner?

    Wanted to buff the entire waverunner, hull included. Is it safe to use a buffer on them? I have some white marks on the hull from my drive on docks that I'm hoping I can buff off. This for a 2010 FX SHO and FZS.

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    Same technique as a car.
    If you know how to use it without leaving burn marks.

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    you'll want to watch out for any edges where getting too ambitious will result in the los of finish. Frankly, I'd do this by hand to avoid any problems..or pay a pro to do it. If you mess's not an inexpensive fix compared tp [aying a pro $10-$12 a foot to detail your ski.

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    It's pretty difficult to burn through gel coat but if it's paint i'd be careful

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    It should be fine. Yamaha uses a urethane paint(no clearcoat). It's a pretty tough finish. Just don't use a pad that's too aggressive. I had some hazing in the paint below the fuel fill on my SHO from gas always overflowing when filling up at the pump. I buffed it out no problem with a light compound.

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    Mine are older but buffed them both with fine compound foam pad medium speed with professional buffer, the gp is painted and I had no probs. i do have experience but honestly I never felt like I needed to ease up on either ski.

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    I buff mine all the problems...i use swirl and haze remover to get rid of scratches caused by tree branches , dock rubs, etc.
    When I drilled out a 2 inch hole in the top deck for more air , the 2 inch plug i removed looked to be solid color all the way through.

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