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    Go Pro Hero3+ testing on trip from Hillsborough river to Alafia Tampa Bay

    Beautiful day Friday!2 Yamaha SHO's having fun!

    at 1:25 starts some high speed runs down the hillsborough river
    at 2:41 my crazy wife blows right past a no wake sign going 65+ and under the bridge at 45mph thru the pylons. I had to yell at her a bit when I caught
    around 8:30 is downtown Tampa
    at 11:17 we got intercepted by the Coast gaurd with a M60 locked and loaded and a Blackhawk helo overhead (top rh corner). We were warned to stay 1000 yards away from the large vessel

    Those are the highlights....
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    Great video, thanks for sharing.

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    Just watched this video. Very nice... Is that salt water you were riding on? We don't have that in Kansas...

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