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    Holy Crap, I finally own a kawasaki!

    yup I took the plunge on a good tip! she even spools up to 3,000 R`s with no load! awesome!
    man I hope I don`t have to change any exhaust filters, replace any belts, worry about the lobes in the SC, put in premium only, and man I hope this doesn`t lean and cause undo fatigue to my chicken wings!

    just tossing some humor in here!

    this is a great buffer/polisher!

    used with:
    Meguiars self centering 8 inch rotary buffer backing plate.
    Meguiars cut n shine 8 inch wool buffing pad.
    Flitz LQ 04506 green Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass polish

    followed by:
    Meguiars premium Flagship wax!

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    Cool! Just avoid their grossly underpowered battery powered drills.

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    Looks nice, but I'll stick with my Flex orbital - and Zaino

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcr100098 View Post
    Looks nice, but I'll stick with my Flex orbital - and Zaino
    Zaino makes a nice product no doubt.
    I needed something to "cut" the years of oxidation and poor care of this hull.

    Flitz is a product I have not tried until recently recommended by a friend and it performed fantastically as did the wool cutting pads...

    Looks like a brand spankin new boat once again!

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    I've had excellent luck, on my HEMI and JK anyway, with a good clay bar, Klasse AIO, and Collinite 845 after spending boat loads of money on other products. This combo does an amazing job, and more importantly lasts a very long time. This was by my own trial and error, and talking about wax/polish products can spark some controversy on forums just like asking which oil is the best..

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    That model buffer does have an exhaust filter that needs to be checked or replaced each year...
    The seadoo model has the ceramic washers in the motor..
    The yamaha model is just too slow...

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    The seadoo model also sinks with no warning due to the carbon seal and the yamaha cracks when you strap it down, this one uses way more electricity than the others and is much heavier.


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    ^ I am certain next years model will include dual handles to accommodate LH and RH Users.

    The dual handle function will also promote a more efficient "balance" - hereby minimizing the reported "leaning" issue associated with low RPM Operation

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    On a positive note, at least you dont have to worry about getting bucked when you have it on high speed, like you would with the Yami buffer.

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    Did you get the extended Warranty with that thing JB

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