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    Tight steering 05 rxp

    Hi guys just picked up an 05 RXP 215 over the weekend and I cant wait to take it out again. I did noticed that my steering is on the stiff side. (I can steer right and left but with force) I was wondering if anyone knew a tutorial or how-to to take apart the steering column so I can get to the bottom of it. Thanks (I have found threads about steering cable etc but none show how to take apart. Thanks guys!

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    Your stiff steering is most likely coming from the cable. You don't have to pull the bars and column to find out. Open the front compartment and remove the storage tub, access to the steering cable and the base of the column is in there above the gas tank. I would start by disconnecting the steering cable at the pump, and try it, to make sure that the steering nozzle hasn't been fouled... while you are back there check the boot where the cable goes through the hull, if the rubber is questionable then that's most likely what has destroyed the cable.

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    Sounds like you are in need of a new steering cable. We have them in the forums OEM online store. Item 44a on this page

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    Thanks for all the help guys looks like i need a new cable just looking for a How-To just so I make sure i do it correctly!

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    I had the same problem on my 2004 GTX SC. It just went tight to turn overnight, no warning. I changed the cable (very simple to do) and it was perfect again and really smooth. One thing I did which made it a breeze to fit:

    Disconnect both ends of the cable and remove any loose washers, clips, nuts etc to make the diameter as small as possible and remove the possibility of them catching on the engine / hull when you drag the cable through.

    Tie a piece of strong, but thin, string to the handle bar end of the cable (securely) and then leave it free out the front of the hatch (at least 4 meters).

    Then drag the old cable out from the back of the ski, pulling with it the string which must that you leave in place of where the old cable was - be careful not to pull it all the way through too

    Then install the new cable by attaching the string onto the handlebar end of the new cable and dragging it through the hull by pulling the string from the from the front of the ski. You WILL need someone to pull / tug on the string whilst you help guide the cable though the hull (it gets jammed on things but with a little bit of back and forth it goes through quite easy).

    Doing it this way is simple and ensures that you replace the cable following the original path.

    Don't forget to align steering afterwards - simple to do, but a PITA if you do it by eye and guess a bit!

    Good look.

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    Could also be the OPAS paddles. The cylinders can get full of crap which tightens up the steering a lot. I've had this a few times on mine and other people skis.
    Real easy to pull apart and clean out. Might be worth checking.

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