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    GTI SE rattle at high speeds.

    The last few outings I have noticed my GTI SE 155 makes a bit or a "rattle" noise at elevated speeds. You don't hear it a low speeds at all. Once you get up to say 30-35 MPH it starts, just about every time. You always hear it at WOT. I don't feel hardly any vibration when I hear the noise, but what I do feel and hear seem as though it is coming from the rear (perhaps right rear) of the ski. I've checked all around the ski and don't feel anything loose. Impeller and shaft seems rock solid. I thought it might be the OPAS because those components seem a little loose, but are out of the water when running.

    Then again, I am new to these things and am not certain what should be tight, loose or if what I'm hearing is normal operation.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    My GTI SE 130 doesn't make any noise at any speeds,so not sure what you are hearing.

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