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    Question about f12x straight pipe exhaust

    My question is is the straight pipe h2o extreme sells that removes waterbox worth it ? I didnt want to spend the 450 dollars they charge and im having a friend custom build one for me . I want to know if it has to be water jacketed or not and will getting rid of my waterbox will give me any problems in the long run ? Thanks

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    I just put a straight pipe on my r12x from h2o I'm gonna try and put it in this weekend so I'll let you know if it's worth it, I'll tell you the sound is worth all the money, they don't lie when they say it sounds like a CBr 1000rr

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    You don't gain anything but extra noise.

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    What about the ECM do you get noticeable power increase

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    our module adds real hp in seconds. have a look.

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    Hey Supermac. I need to download a 2002 A/trax F12 service manual. Do you know where I can get one in a hurry-Website??
    I have an 02 F12 throwing ECT code 7 Has new ECM and new ECT sensor and still doing it. Any ideas mate?

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    Supermac knows his stuff, don't waste money! Do in stages if you can! Its well worth it in the end

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