Just a heads up (rant?) for those looking to buy (or sell) parts here in the GH classifieds.

In most cases, the asking prices I see here in the classifieds are fair. Used parts tend to sell at a significant discount over the same new parts, as it should be. Asking prices tend to be a bit flexible (within reasonable limits), and tend to get more flexible the longer a part remains for sale. That's capitalism at work, folks!

Where things can get a bit wonky are when people try to sell new items here in the classifieds. First, sanity check a seller's asking price against the same item in the GH store -- and keep in mind that you can get a 10% discount off the price by entering "greenhulk" as the promo code when you check out. Jerry's prices are competitive, and supporting his store means supporting this website. Jerry has a stellar reputation for customer service, and if something's wrong with a new part you order from Jerry, he'll make it right. That probably won't be the case on a new part that someone purchased, never got around to installing, and then decided to sell here.

Second, it makes sense to sanity check the price of a new item (as the buyer or the seller) with your dealer. Believe it or not, not all of them insist on selling at MSRP. I bought a brand new X-charger (MSRP of $1,100) at a discount from my local BRP dealer (I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah, WA). I called the parts department, gave the dude the part number, and said "I know what MSRP is, but what's the best deal you can give me on that part?" He said "$772." I had to double-check the part number to make sure he wasn't quoting me a standard 215 charger. Nope! It's the part ending in 1992. I paid with my credit card and went in and picked it up a few days later, and saved on shipping (but still had to pay sales tax). That's $330 I can spend on other upgrades!

So sellers -- keep in mind that the price you paid for a new may not necessarily represent a fair price for that item today, and if you "buy and hold" an item, you may have to sell it at a loss. Or to some sucker on eBay.