Has anyone checked/re-pitched their 2012+ SHO impeller? I am setting up a Stage 1 with a C1 this week & trying to find someone who has been setting up a newer FX SHO with the 87 nozzle.

I plan on picking up a Skat prop this week & did got some advice from one of the pros. Just trying to keep the info flowing for the 2012+ setups.

Here is one thing I did find recently & not sure how this fits in the big picture - But R&D has the OEM 12+ listed as a 14/22-23 progressive.

Pt#132-01221 R&D Pro Pitch12/21 (stock replacement Impeller)[4000ft or 100deg.]
Pt#132-01222 R&D Pro Pitch 12/22 (Performer Kit w/Power Core Sleeve kit)[sea level]
Pt#132-01323 R&D Pro Pitch 13/23 (Performer Kit w/Power Core Sleeve/Intercooler)(4000ft. or 100deg.)**
Pt#132-01324 R&D Pro Pitch 13/24 (Stage 1 Kit w/ C1 wheel /R4 Intercooler)(sea level)**
Pt#132-01325 R&D Pro Pitch 13/25 (Stage 2 Kit w/ C3 wheel /R5 Intercooler)(sea level)**

NOTE: The OEM YAMAHA FX 2012 SHO Impeller pitch is 14/22-23 progressive
NOTE: ** Designated Impellers have been designed to work with the R&D Powershot Fuel and Boost Un-Limiter
NOTE: For Impeller pitch, liner size, and pump set up information for R&D C5 Monster Wheels or Turbocharged engines, contact R&D for the latest information updates for your specific project.

Was planning to buy a 13/23 Skat & re-pitch as necessary to stay just off the limiter. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.