I have spent hours researching the web and reading forums and still stuck. I bought this ski with 100 hours, compression same at 125. Could not get it to idle and bogged down/died when wot. Installed D-plate, mixed gas, fuel primer, rebuilt carbs (60 pop off), drained gas tank to verify it was clean and new filter. With all this the only way it will stay at idle is with a squirt of gas from the primer every approx 15 seconds. I ran a clear gas hose directly from the tank to the carb rack. The carbs suck it in just fine and fuel stays in tubing for awhile after shutdown- still the same idle problem. Tank vent check valve is ok. Thinking I made a carb rebuild mistake, I have torn the carbs down and everything is in its proper position. The booster pump is clean, diaphragm looks new, but does not pump gas (manually on bench). Im wondering if I block off the fuel inlet at the rack, install a brass tee on inlets between carbs and run tubings (2) directly to tank outlet and reserve fittings if that will work. I need some ideas before putting this thing back together and what to do about booster pump. Thanks