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    Vforce reeds on 785

    I've done a little looking and dont have a clear answer for my question. I have a 785 with dot1 domes and a hotset waterbox as my only mods. The carbs are set pretty much stock but have been opened about an 1/8th on the lows.

    I purchased some Vforce reeds and plan to install them this winter and was thinking about jetting and af mix. Will the reeds increase airflow or the fuel flow going to the engine, or both?

    Part of me wants to believe I will need to richen the mixture, but another part of me says I may need to lean it out.

    Any advice from anyone who has done this upgrade with similar mods to mine? Just looking for suggestions.

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    Vforce reeds may lean it out a bit... I would install them and check the wash.. I have them installed on my 2000 Pro that is stock and no jetting changes were required...

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    You should be fine just dropping them in. I had the same thing dropped in my 2000. It was fine.

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    Not sure if it is similar, but I have V2's on my 700 cane, and we are doing some extreme RnD testing with pipe mods * mated a NYNJA centerbleed to the stock head with a coupler, but its running lean also. a 155 pilot on the carbs should be more than enough fuel to feed it, but wondering if dual M'kuni 44mm carbs with bigger jets would rectify this?

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    how about a set of 40mm keihins?

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    I'll keep an eye on the wash. Thanks guys. I just got everything set up with my dot 1 domes too which didnt create much difference in wash, hardly a couple hours on those though. Will install this spring and report back.

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