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    almost lost an eye

    it's winterizing time now so they skis are pouring in....

    did about a dozen 4-tecs in the last week and yesterday there as an incident..

    after draining the oil on a pretty low hour ski, I ran the drown mode to crank the last half a quart out of the motor.

    Filled the oil and then I cranked it in drown mode again to get the new oil moving thru the system

    when I went for the engine start BANG the resonator exploded from a huge backfire a big piece of it went whizzing by my head and actually caught the brim of my ballcap

    I haven't looked yet, but it's a safe assumption that the ski has a leaky injector and during the drown mode cranking the engine was filling with fumes

    just a word to the wise.. a good idea to disconnect the ignition coils.....I will no longer trust the drown mode

    that should conclude my three bits of bad luck this season....

    I'll look at the injectors after I get the resonator replaced to see if one is actually leaking..but I'll bet I'll find a dribber.

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    Wow, that a scary event ... glad your OK

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    Glad it missed even us hard headed folks could get hurt. Even with goggles that could hurt. Glad it missed.

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