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    Unhappy Stolen SeaDoos 2 blue 2008 GTX's on dbl trailer

    Sadly my two skies were stolen so I thought I would post some info...

    Serial / Hull ID : YDV19967A808 and YDV22852B808 .. I suspect it was an out of state crew because they drove off with three trailers inside of 30 min.. I doubt they are around GA but you never know ... They didn't get the keys so I guess they will be parting them out or trying to get keys made ..

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    They were stolen on Oct 9, 2013 at around 2:30 am from Mocks self storage on hwy 20 in cumming ga ... I need to look around for pics but they were in perfect condition with around 40 hours on each .. The hitch was double locked and they smashed the locks off with a sledge hammer and bold cutters it looked like .. They also moved the security cameras and somehow bypassed the security gate .

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    Damn, that sucks! Did you have insurance on them?

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    With you saying they moved the security cameras and by passed the security gate it leads me to believe they had cased the place before that night. I bet if you reviewed the security cams from 1-2 weeks before you'll see your thieves checking out the camera placements. By passing security gate a 3 trailers gone means they were very familiar with the storage and felt very comfortable stealing from there. I bet they are locals...

    Put up some wtb ads for misc parts in your local Craigslist and see if you get some hits..

    These thieves probably have or have had storage there before. I always have 5-8 different locks on my skis while in storage.

    Pm me if you catch em and need some help kickin there ASS..

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    Yep, it was clear that they had inside knowledge of what they wanted and the cameras. The owner and the Sheriff didn't seem to interested, and the camera guy looking at the footage was a real clown.. I had two locks on the hitch and the smashed and cut them off, the broken pieces were left behind . They took prints but only got smudges ... The legal system is just to easy on these people, and then you have to many people who buy stuff no questions asked and it creates a market for this stuff.. I tried to post a few different places with the HIN numbers so google would at least pick it up. These people don't need beatings, they need interduced to a wood chipper ... But thats just my opinion ..

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