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    What do these items do?

    Hey Guys, I have a project GP1200R and want to mod it up a bit. Its just a for fun ski. I have other skis that are stock run and drive but I want to mess with this one a little. There are 2 items that I saw on the ISLAND RACING website. 1 is a fuel/vapor separator and the other is a hole shot kit. My questions are what exactly do these items do? Is the fuel vapor thing just for racing applications? How exactly does the hole shot kit work and does it really produce this "arm ripping power" that it claims to do? I'm trying to learn a bit about these items so any and all input is appreciated...

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Fuel separator is not needed. The Holeshot kit dries out the waterbox for better off the bottom acceleration.

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    arm ripping power on a 1200 is going to require more than a holeshot kit, unless you have very weak arms and are impressed easily.

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