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    Oil change when you have water intrusion

    Here's before and after when my ski was flipped over a couple days ago. There was no need to change the oil multiple times to get it clean it you are patient and follow steps I have. This is one oil change:

    1: after water intrusion sit back once the water is in the motor it is not gonna get any worse overnight than it already is. With that being said give the motor 8 -10 hours for oil to rise and separate from the water.
    2: take that time to pull plugs blow out cylinders and fog them. Also pull super charger hoses take shop vac and vacuum hoses and intercooler as pull intake. I like to take shop vac on intake on tb side and tilt intake and suck water out.
    3: once you waited for water separation I take my extractor and what will happen is you will pull mostly all water it will be milky but almost all water it will take a while depending on the amount of fluid. I will once I get where there's very little left I can pull out tilt ski on trailer with a chair brick etc.
    4: here's the kicker oil cooler it's full and your oil pumps and extras spots. What I fail to mention earlier is I pulled oil filter cap off and took filter out as well as filler cap of during whole process to help with separation. Now with throttle wide open plugs out I crank motor what will happen is the rest of the oil will fill up in your oil filter canister in pto. I start extracting once it gets full as I crank. Then I repeat steps once or twice. Following this I believe you can get away if not with one oil change no more than two providing you have no internal water intrusion and have got all the water out prior to running the motor
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    Good advice but I would add that the intake manifold should be checked for water before you ever hit the start button, removal and draining of the manifold can take a lot of time out of doing all those oil changes as well as doing the boil out. Also remove the SC hose and just let it pump the intake tube and SC out of water

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