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    Is there a water filter on my VX110?

    I'm new to yamaha 4 strokes (I also own a Seadoo) and I had read some info that there is a filter on the water intake that cools the engine. Is this true and does this filter require clean out?

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    nevermind, the service manual calls it a "strainer" not a "filter", I will check it this weekend.

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    there is some kind of strainer gizmo in the jet pump I recall ..but it's not that fine..sand will get right thru..I think its to keep the bits of other materials out of the engine.

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    seems to me some sort of a clear catch can would be a better design.

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    Search "Groco Water Strainer"....they have been used for years, theres debate to their effectiveness vs problems....FYI

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    it's always a tossup between keeping the debris out of the engine and keeping the water flowing

    with diligence it's not bad..without diligence it gets expensive in a real hurry

    folsk here that try to run the river often approach me about solutions to the issue..the real answer is:

    don't run the river, a ski running constantly in 2 feet of water has a very short life expectancy

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    Ive ran vx110 for almost 9 years in the shallow waters of the fl keys, we dont use water strainers and have never had an issue regarding sand causing any damage inside the engine. Ive seen them run aground and ran till it overheated and then ran some more. if there was a list of top near bullet proof PWC motors, the vx110 would be in the top 3. Practically idiot proof and a very solid design.

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