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    Supertech valve spring and retainer installation success interesting facts too.......

    I weighed the stock springs and retainers vs the supertechs and here is what I found:

    stock spring weight= 48.1 grams
    stock retainer= 10.4 grams

    supertech spring weight = 47.0 grams
    supertech retainer weight= 5.8 grams

    weight savings of 5.7 grams per valve.

    wanted to send a big thanks to "dinomite" for lending me the valve spring tool! Worked like a charm.
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    almost 2 times less weight in retainer make the difference!!! in very high rpm!

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    When comparing weight of one setup compared to the next, you need to compare the weight of the moving parts compared to the spring rate.

    You need to compare the weight of the

    (valve + retainer + clips + 1/2 the weight of the spring + about 1/2 the weight of the rocker)

    of the new setup compared to the weight of the old setup. That is the total weight that the spring has to move back into position very quickly. Google suspension and "unsprung weight ratio" to get an idea how this sort of thing really works.

    Also Google Ducati valve system for some really cool stuff.


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    I gonna say what valve spring but the vid explains it.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tommygunner1927 View Post
    I gonna say what valve spring but the vid explains it.......
    Hello, I think that the problem is another, after various tests to a sky stock the best compromise is to use the retainer rotaxracing easyrider, I have tried many retainer but they all have the same problem, tuttto are very hard and the engine struggles to stock accelerate, with rotax do not have this problem, but only a problem every 25 hours should be checked. Hello

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