Helped a buddy winterize his skis today. One of which was an 02 4tec GTX and I could not help but notice his gauge cluster had serious condensation to the point you couldn't read anything. Upon starting the ski it beeped like crazy and I checked wires to make sure nothing was shorted or not plugged in as this sound like the same series of beeps I've heard from 4tecs when the sensor to exhaust is disconnected. Anyway I did some reading and a thread I pulled up mentioned drilling holes to help this problem from returning. I can pull the cluster and lenses to clean it up but the beeping has me concerned he's already dealing with a short did stop though. Apparently this was a common problem on the 02 GTX. Any advise on a cure for the issue and is the beeps a result of a short? I suspect he needs a new cluster. No error codes returned however.