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    tell me what you see gp1200r

    ok so my gp1200r went down last weekend and i have some pics of the tear down and HOPING to get some help figuring out what might have went wrong.

    main thing i noticed was how low the fuel was in the crankcase... question is that the normal level?

    seems it leaned out and the center piston ate its rings or the exhaust port caught the rings
    piston ring pins are still in place.

    power valve did not fall

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    what do you mean "went down"? what was your compression?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ's gpr View Post
    what do you mean "went down"? what was your compression?
    compression for cylinder 2 was zero while 1 and 3 where fine 115 each

    it was running fine all day ... then as the sun was setting i went to ride it empty of fuel and got the low fuel buzz and it was bogging on me as i knew it was running low then with still 2 notches on the gauge she quit and would not fire up again (motor tuned over just fine) so i assumed she was out of gas and i towed it in and went home.

    i didnt realize anything was wrong till i went to perform a compression check and winterize her that i found out something bad had happened to cylinder #2

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    It looks like from the second pic you may have dropped the powervalve into the cylinder? Just a guess. But a good thing to start with. Pull the 4 bolts to each powervalve cover and check to see. If the bolts (inside the covers) and valve pins are still intact. It defiantly look as though something has made contact with that piston.

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    Oops. I just saw that text below the bottom photo!? Sorry. Is that the pic of the same piston and cylinder or a different one?

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    every picture i posted is of cylinder 2 which was the damaged one

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    Check on what side your piston rings opening were facing.
    On the picture it looks like the openings were on the exhaust port side....(wrong side)

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    Piston is in the correct way. Arrow to exhaust port.
    Looks like detonation or lack of oil or possibly both.

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    If you were running on reserve, and going fast you may have been starved for fuel and leaned out if you haven't modified the reserve line pickup length. Many are touching the bottom of the well and restricting fuel flow when on reserve. Your piston top doesn't look like its been running lean, so it would be a quick and fresh leanout. Another cause could be plugging of the little internal filter inside #2' carb.

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    thanks vdekock for trying to help but picture #3 clearly shows the arrow is facing the exhaust port and there for the piston rings where installed correctly. (ring gaps facing towards the intake side)

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