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    04 gp1300r running on 1 cyl. riva stage 2 new to the site.

    I just picked up a 2004 gp1300r with the riva stage 2 kit with riva heads. it is running only on the front cyl. I have spark on all 3 plugs. the number 3 cyl. was replaced by the prev. owner. I have 119 psi in the front cyl. and 122 psi in the middle and 140 in the back 3rd. cyl. Could I have a crank seal out? bad injectors? any help would be great! THANKS

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    crank seal sounds more likely... pull the head.

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    If I need to rebuild the motor, what brand of parts should I use? Yamaha or aftermarket?

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    Why do you think it's running on one ?
    does it run the same if you pull off a spark lead ?

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    only the front plug is getting hot, the other 2 plugs are cold.

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    Get yourself a couple inline spark testers at harbor freight. Put them on 2&3 and make sure you don't loose spark as you are running on the hose. If that checks out have the dealer or someone local with the yds software test the injectors. Then go from there.
    But if it's only running on one cylinder usually it doesn't even run so don't know where you are really at with the ski. What does it do on the water?

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    not sure how it is on water, I bought it knowing it would need some work.

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    Your compression numbers are pretty far apart from #1 to #3 and with the Riva heads the front cylinder should be more like the rear. a few things to check would be crank out of phase and head gasket on the front. the heat problem may actually be that there is a issue with the front cylinder building too much heat witch could explain the 20 pound difference in the front cylinder. my advice would be to pull the head on the front cylinder and inspect the cylinder and piston.

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    the number 3 piston, rings and cylinder are all brand new. I was told it burnt a piston and he didn't know why. that would explain the 140 psi in number 3.number 1 and 2 need new pistons and rings and that should raise the compression back up as long as the cylinder walls are still good.

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    It will run on one cylinder. Pull the plug wires off of the other 2, secure them out of the way, and verify one cylinder at the time. It should idle on one cylinder on any of the cylinders. I had a front crank seal blow and caused mine not to run on one of the cylinders due to oil contamination on the pick up coils. I had spark on that particular cylinder and even an inline spark tester would show fire but evidently it was not firing at the correct time on the cylinder I had an issue with. I am not saying that is your skis problem but I have seen a crank seal cause a cylinder not to fire properly.

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