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    Upgrades to XLT1200

    First post here...

    I recently purchased 2003 XLT1200. Doesn't run. Bought very, very cheap. I'm planning on pulling the engine/pump for rebuilds. I have 2 stroke engine skills, but not Yamaha experience.
    I have 2 goals. First is reliability/ease of use. Second is some mild performance improvement mods.
    Through reading the posts I've learned about the oil line issue, some carb issues, etc. I would appreciate some guidance as to which mods would return the most bang for the buck or improve the reliability factor.
    Your input is greatly appreciated.

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    It's been discussed in detail many times. Search for GPR and you'll find it since they share the engine. Power valve keepers are a MUST. Many people like the "waveeater"clips, I prefer the upgraded "lever links" myself. Also a D-plate and chip to replace the cat is a good idea.

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    Best bang for buck performance mods: 12/18 Concord prop if it doesn't already have one, Oside Bills carb mods with Flame arrestors. Night and day difference. Milling the head for more compression helps nicely but requires premium gas.

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    top loader is a must,OR you will bust your a##

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    Sorry for this silly question, what is a top loader??

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    intake grate

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    Intake grate, ride plate, over heating sensor bypass, d-plate, air filters, premix, waveeater clips, freee flow (optional until you get most of these done) gas flap removal and a solas 13/19 impeller

    Most of that can be found in the greenhulk website found here

    For the rest, you'll need to build your post count and find on the yamaha classified thread

    Also, how-to's for all of the above are found on the forum, search for them and you'll get ridiculous amounts of info

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    Powervalve mod (Wave Eater Clips)
    D-Plate & Temp switch (cat bypass)
    32:1 pre mix/block off plate or SS oetiker clamps for 'new' oil lines.
    air filter intake kit/flame arrestor kit
    Fuel Accelerator Delete (retune carbs)
    12/18 or 13/19 prop
    pump seal kit
    intake grate
    stock or shortened ride plate
    *GP 5degree nozzle
    bilge pump

    all can be found here

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