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    how do i check compression on 2013 vxs???

    just recently hit the 10 hour mark on 2013 vxs and changed oil and filter and pulled plugs to inspect....then i decided i would check compression so i would have a benchmark to look at in the future after i get alot of hours on it so i can see if anything has changed....ive got a shop manual but im thinking it must not be for my 2013 vxs as the numbers just dont add up....ive checked it 4 different ways and all 4 different ways of checking show a deviation of 10 psi....can anybody tell me step by step what is the correct way to check compression on this and what reading i should be getting?? thanks guys...

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    Different guages will show different #s. As long as they are all about even your good to go. My cheap auto zone guages will read 135 and my buddies craftsman guages will read 145.
    So when you get #s now make sure you use the same guages in the future for accurate readings.

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    damn...i must have a good one...haaa...i used the shortest threaded adaptor and made sure o-ring sealed way i checked was engine warm,pull plugs one at a time and checked with throttle open....showed 210 on #1,205 on #2,205 on #3 and 200 on #4.....does this sound right???

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    Compression test method I use, First you need to remove all sparkplugs befor compression testing is the fact that a Yamaha starter turns the engine at a slow rate of rpms and with the other three sparkplugs left in the cranking rpms will be extreamly low. In order to get a good accurate compression reading on this motor I suggest you remove all sparkplugs befor testing and also use a good automotive battery to supply the voltage/amperage to spin the engine at a good rate of rpms ( the oem battery has very little reserve cranking amps and will start to slow the starter speed down real fast when used several times in back to back compression testing ) If you follow this method you should get a accurate idea of your engine compression. Hope this helps! Tommy Jordan

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    yup...tried that way too...warm engine,all plugs out,throttle wide open,fresh battery...results were 200 on 1,190 on 2,190 on 3 and 190 on 4...

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