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    What maintenance should I be doing on this?

    Hi all,
    I picked up my ski yesterday.
    Compression on front and middle was 120ish and rear was 110-115.
    Here is a list of the mods that have been done apparently;
    1390 bore
    R&D power head44mm buckshot carbies with K&N filter
    Solas 15-22 custom bent prop
    Chrome alloy drive shaft
    Re-strengthened jet pump (pro tec reeds)
    R&D intake grate
    R&D ride plate
    R&D power steering drop nozzle
    River racing g force sponsons
    Hydro turf mats
    Avanti adjustable CDI ECU with MSD ignition coil leads
    Duel water cooling system
    R&D handle bars with alloy finger throttle
    River racing stinger free flow exhaust
    Bulge pump
    Fuel ta
    is d there anything special I should be doing maintenance wise that would differ from normal?
    Do I need to order special rebuilt kits because of the bore size and carbs? And where can I order them from?


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    Welcome aboard the hulk.
    I'm guessing its a gp 1300??

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    It's a 1200r.


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