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    750 STS Fuel line or filter Question.

    So I am currently in the final stages of a complete rebuild and (twin)carbs are being reconnected and I have all fuel, reserve and return in place.
    However the 4th (vertical) output on the fuel tank itself goes to a "relief valve" then to a (fuel?) filter or some sort of filter (Mounted right under the front of the seat opening of the hull). Through my research I found that from 95 to 96 there was an omission of a hose connection on the duct at the very rear of the inside of the hull.

    From all the diagrams I've seen this hose coming out of said (fuel?) filter should go to this duct opening.

    So my question is, having a 96 model where do I connect this hose?

    and more out of curiosity than anything why does the (I'm going to call) "breather" from the fuel tank go to a valve then a large filter of some sort just to be fed out to a duct?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I sold my '96, but I'll take a look at my '95 and get back to you.

    I've never really understood how this system works, but I believe the 'filter' is actually a fuel/water separator and the relief valve is designed to let the tank vent without letting water in.

    I was hoping Peter might weigh in on this one.

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    Sorry to keep you waiting.

    My '95 has a vent line coming from the fuel tank fitting that goes into a one-way valve. A hose runs from the outlet of this valve to the fitting on the right side of the separator. There is another fitting in the center of the separator that has a hose going into the handle bar area to vent. Both fittings on the separator point towards the front of the boat.

    I believe the idea behind this is to prevent water from entering the fuel tank if the 'Ski is flipped upside down in the water.

    Hope this helps.

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    when I first ran into that "filter" I was stumped as there was no filter inside the Steve said it's a water separator/trap

    The tank is vented into that separator then to the one way valve that leads to a line that exits the hull. It's a unique Kawasaki bit

    Always a good idea to take lots of pictures the first time you do something when hoses or wiring is involved

    I had a problem of all things with replacing the serpentine belt on my f150 couple of years ago. I had to review the pics I snapped to get the correct belt routing ( it worked just fine, but the incorrect routing made some hellva squeal when the truck first started up.

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