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    2009 fzr best mods for long distance rides

    ok sorry greenhulk i did make a thread about burning fuel but i would like to post this.. Im looking for the best mod to get my ski for long distance rides. basically i got a good deal on the fzr or i would had buy just a fxho for what im doing, the speed is enough for me im currently using my ski for fishing so i need the best mods possible for long distance, thank you again fellow greenhulkers

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    Trading it in on a fx

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    Well, first you need to learn to avoid heavy throttle and keep your speed down, that will help a lot. Beyond that, you could look to adding a fuel cell (if you can find one) or a reflash; here are a couple links for you...

    FZR/FZS Auxillary Fuel Cell

    More on Fuel Cell

    Reflash Discussion
    Quote Originally Posted by fx160 View Post
    will be cheeper for you to get a reflash for fzs
    should bring it into line with Ho fuel use
    on a 200 km ride we did a couple of months back
    i used 79 liters in my fzs (motec Et low boost) and a stock Ho on the same ride used 86 liters
    he was forced to ride hard to keep up though
    most of the other supercharged skis used aprox 100 liters

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    Opening the airway (intake, ribbon delete) will help a little, but not much. Add a reflash, and you will see a big improvement. As long as you keep it around 6000 RPM, you can go a long way with the reflash. Last fall, I went on a ride with about 8 other skis. When we reached our destination, most of them were on their beepers, or close to it, including my wife on her FXSHO, and she rides SLOW. I still had almost half a tank. I had the fastest ski out there, and got the best mileage running an R3 and a B1.

    Of course, if you reflash, you'll probably also need to re-pitch.

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