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    Ultra 300 High Performance ECU Reprogramming Services

    Hi guys, what do you thing about this part

    I'm intereting on the R2 Ecu. How many miles will increase and if I have to send the original ECU. Thanks in advance.

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    We're assuming your sending your stock ECU to R&D...

    Your acceleration will be quicker and reach your top RPMs and previous top speed quicker...

    But your top speed will basically be the same Unless you pitch the prop higher or lower depending on how many RPMs your turning before and now after the reflash...

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    Well, it really depends on how the programming is done. Usually, when the ECU re-flash is made, the RPM limiter is set higher and ignition timing is changed and the fueling is added. In theory, it gives higher RPM's and greater acceleration as result. Top speed is more depending on which impeller you are using with your setup.

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