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    Stalling on idle in water

    Hi all,

    Finally got a chance to wet my gpr.
    Quickly found a problem.....
    she stalls on idle/low rpm in the water.
    on the trailer she is fine as well as when under acceleration, but off throttle it stalls pretty much straight away.
    Starts again but need to rev to about 3000rpm and travel at 8-10km/h.
    Any ideas? Carbs need a going over?
    It's got the following mods:
    1390 bore
    R&D power head44mm buckshot carbies with K&N filter
    Solas 15-22 custom bent prop
    Chrome alloy drive shaft
    Re-strengthened jet pump
    pro tec reeds
    R&D intake grate
    R&D ride plate
    R&D power steering drop nozzle
    Riva racing g force sponsons
    Hydro turf mats
    Avanti adjustable CDI ECU with MSD ignition coil leads
    Duel water cooling system
    R&D handle bars with alloy finger throttle
    Riva racing stinger free flow exhaust
    Bulge pump
    Fuel taps

    Thanks in advance

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    What does it idle at when its on the trailer? Id guess u may need to play with the idle screw. On water it should idle around 1400rpm iirc. On the trailer it should be round 2.5krpm -ish.

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