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    Not what I wanted to hear, cold air intake myth..ouch

    I saw this 'myth' / 'common misconception' about cold air intakes explored and well.......I still can't not do it though


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    don't believe everything you see. A good cai will:

    1) Increase the inside diameter of the intake tube creating less restriction
    2) Remove the convoluted tubing which creates turbulance inside the system
    3) Decrease IATs
    4) Make neat sounds

    The engine and platform greatly matter. I measured a 27 degree temperature drop when I put my highly modified S&B CAI on my 300c. That's a LOT. These measurements were taken the same day.

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    you have to rerune between every test.

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    You also need to reset fuel trims and let the computer do its job instead of having information pre change stored

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    Tornado 34, thank you thank you thank you! I've been telling my son this for years and now I can let him see for himself. I'm a 48 yr old wrench turner on american V8s. Built my first roots supercharged street car in the mid 80's when you never saw blown engines on the road. My son is into the rice burns and the first thing he does to a new car is put a damn CAI and a trash can muffler! Makes 0 power difference and sounds like crap! Only change is, he's now $500 poorer! You made my day!

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    May be true for the vehicle tested, but CAI on our Seadoo's have proven to be far superior over a stock OEM intake.

    i gained 200 rpm and ran the fastest I have ever run with this custom CAI seat over 4"kana flex prior! Proven with Motec logs, not just some BS talk.

    Why does just about everyone on this forum ditch the stock intake and install 4" kana flex and get as much fresh air as possible? Because it works.

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    I learned years ago that 99% of all observations are correct. 99% of all explanations are BS.

    The observation, in our case is a CAI makes more power on most installs. Funny things happen when things resonate, sometimes good things happen and somethings bad things happen. Every time things resonate, things change.

    If you can hear a difference, most likely the tuning will change.

    I have heard the stock ECU pulls timing when the IAT goes above right near 100 degrees F. That is real close to where my ski runs on a 90 degree day. People may be hitting this when adding a CAI.

    Blowers and turbos are real critical to clean flowing, restriction free intake air. Is something happening up stream to affect this flow? Is the stock rubber elbow feeding the blower collapsing under full boost when the air box is hooked up and this has nothing to do with the air temp?

    My point is, the real reason these work on this boat may be very different than we think.

    Have fun tuning


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