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    '03 F12X Warning Light/Beeping No Codes

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone on this forum and the online PWC community for all you do. I've found a wealth of information here.

    I have a 2003 F12X that I bought new in 2005. It's only been used in fresh water, and has been well taken care of. It has 119 hours on it. I rode it the other day for about an hour and everything was fine. Makes 6000 rpm and 55 mph on the "speedometer" (I know, not accurate). After stopping for a few minutes, I started back up and went out at about 30-35 mph for about 5 minutes and felt a few stutters, then the warning light came on and the beeping started. It went into limp mode. Tried shutting off and restarting, and the same thing happened.

    On the trailer and on the hose it continued to do the same. Rev to 4000 rpm for about 20-30 seconds and after a couple of "stutters" the light and beeper go. I checked for codes and no codes stored. I checked as many connections as I could reach (disconnected/re-connected), including ECU. I pulled the spark plugs and they look fine (about 20 hours on them) Still continued to do the same. I checked the wastegate using a bicycle floor pump and a presta valve that I cut off an old inner tube. It moves fine. I checked the TCS and can't blow through when eng. off and can feel pulses when eng. at idle, but I can't get much air through it at all. How much air should go through at idle? I mean it's almost none. It would take about a month to blow up a balloon. Is this good?

    I waited a couple of days and changed the oil. I started it again and now no problem! I shook and wiggled the wiring harnesses and connectors to try to get it to happen again, but it continued to be fine. Took it to the lake, an hour drive away, and it worked fine for about an hour. 6000 rpm no problem. Stopped for a while to eat and when going about 30-35 mph for about 7-8 minutes it happened again, warning light and beeper with limp mode. Checked for codes before shutting off--no codes. Checked again after shutting off and using jumper--no codes. By the way, it has fresh fuel in it, but was mixed with a little old fuel. I'm thinking that's not the problem since it ran so good for an hour each time. Bad fuel would be bad all the time. I suspect an ECU but don't have any way of confirming this.

    Oh, I want to be clear, I was going 30-35 mph by choice when this happened. The ski would have gone faster, I just chose to cruise at the time. Also, the FI indicator was on in addition to the warning light/buzzer. That's all. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. I'm in Ventura, CA. Thank you.
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    I have an 03 Aquatrax with the same problem. I put new plugs in it and it ran great for about 30 seconds and then it would hesitate, begin to take off, hesitate, begin to take off, etc and then the buzzer started going off. It was a continuous short beep. I saw some posts under "redline808" that I may try to use to diagnose the problem, but I was wondering if you ever determined what your problem was. Mine may have the same issue. Thanks!

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    i would say ecu

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