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    Gapping spark plugs

    Good evening everyone just need some info Going to Replace the spark plugs on my 2013 VXR PLUGS LFR6A Now I have R&D tune with intake and Exhaust What should the plugs be Gapped to???

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    if you using lfr6a they dont need gapping gap is correct if you use lf6ra-11 they will need gapping, just buy the stock ones and put them straight in.

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    Manual says 0.8–0.9 (0.031–0.035) but i like to put my plugs at .028...torqe to 14lb and youre good to go.

    Here is a manual to my dropbox for your VXR...

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    where do you get the LF6RA-11 plugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker View Post
    where do you get the LF6RA-11 plugs?
    I buy them at advanced auto online.
    ngk 3672 $55.90/box of 10
    use promo code ES123 $20 off $50
    $35.90+ tax
    Order online, pick up in local store
    They come gapped at .44. I re-gap to .33

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    Always Gap to the MINIMUM tolerance. Itll help with starting and very slightly advance the timing. The fuel
    will burn completely and will help in overall preformance. Just like with valve timing, alwys wanna go for the lowest tolerance.

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    If you can find the iridium ones the dunt foul as fast. That's the ones I have

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