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    What pitch for standard 06 1300r?

    Sorry to clog up the forum but I've searched for about an hour now and can't find a definitive answer..

    Would just like to know what pitch Solas dynafly impeller I should get for my 2006 1300r? Only mods are riva grate and seal kit and I plan to keep the rest standard. I only want to change the prop because it is slightly dented and larger clearance than it once had. I'd prefer not to lose any top speed from what the standard prop gives and believe a new prop should give it more bottom end over the worn one I have atm anyway.

    thankyou in advance.

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    also it has done 120 hours is it worth replacing the wear ring?

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    Hello and welcome to the hulk. It really depends on what you want out of your 1300. If top end speed you can go the Solas Dynafly 14/20 if hole shot then go Solas Dyna 13/19 as for the wear ring ... is it worn ? If looks solid and tight you can wait. Good Luck

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    Ok thanks mate, think i'll go with the 13/19

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    Ok I've done my research and now realise they only make the 14/20 Dynafly. Can someone please tell me where to buy the repitched 13/19 Dynafly?

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    194 they will make you one. but as far as I know solas makes a 13/19 df.

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