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    Rough idle and no throttle response

    I have a 95 GTX that hasn't run in two years. Rebuild carbs, confirmed timing at 147, check RV clearance and it was right on. The engine will start but fuel is being sprayed up through the carbs. Engine runs rough. The more throttle I apply, the more fuel is sprayed from the carbs, especially the MAG side. Never revs up. Checked the timing numerous times, it's right on. Replaced the intake "O" rings and carb base gaskets. Compression is great. Took the engine out and removed the bottom end to check the brass timing gear. Looks like new. I would think it's a timing issue. Any suggestions?

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    That does sound like a timing issue. Have you checked to make sure that the pistons are phased right? Just trying to brain storm here.

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    Thanks for the response. I put the mag side piston at TDC, then I used the timing wheel, set it at the bottom of the intake and made my marks at 147 and 65. RV lined up perfect. There was actually a line scribed on the RV plate at 147 already. That reaffirmed that I used the timing wheel correctly. I took it apart at least 10 times. (not kidding) I even moved the RV to the right and left of the original mark just to see what would happen. No improvement. Would a spark issue cause this problem? For example, the spark plugs firing at the wrong time.

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    I don't know this ski but gas spraying up and out of carbs is not good. I would think starting with that would be a good place to start.

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    replied to your other thread, please keep all info in one thread.

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