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    2002 Genesis

    I am in need of help again.
    I have be fighting this think for over a year, and here is where I am now.

    ECM has been worked on twice
    New TPS
    New fuel pump
    New water temp sender
    New air temp sender
    New battery

    We just got back from a trip to Lake Havasu, AZ. We drove the ski all the way to Needles, CA and back on the Colorado River.
    130 miles RT.
    The ski would run fine, cruse around 5000 RPM. After an hour or so, it would begin to miss and stumble. We would pull over and shut down, restart, and it would run fine for another hour or so.
    When we hit a "no wake" area, the ski would idle, but rough, then have no response to the throttle, none. then it would die. Restart and it would be fine again.
    Seems that something is getting "reset" when I hit the start/stop button.

    Does the start stop module do some type of reset to itself or the ECM?

    Any help here would be great.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Running for so long at a time would tend to rule out engine heat or warm up effects. When you shut down, does it restart and run happily right away?

    Have you confirmed the cooling water flow through the EMM is actually flowing properly?

    Any warning lights or messages on the display when the engine runs rough or shuts itself down?

    Have you checked for EMM service codes?

    Check the TPS connector very carefully, especially the wire harness side. You may need to extract the pins and visually confirm the crimps are good and the wire conductors are not broken inside the wire insulation.

    Note: Weatherpack connector pin extraction requires a special tool.
    McMaster-Carr 9171T7

    Has the LR-503 Start/Stop module ever been replaced?

    Have you inspected the EMM connectors (both sides) for corrosion or pin damage?

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    Thanks K447,
    You can restart right away, seconds really, and it runs fine.
    All cooling water seems fine. This was the first time we have run in cold water.
    No lights or messages.
    I do still have four codes that I can't clear, all are about the water temp and air temp. That's why I replaced both senders.
    Still has the original start stop module.

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