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    2005 Ultra 150 - Buying advice

    I am a current owner of an '08 250x, and am looking to pick up something affordable for the wife. I found a 2005 Ultra w/ 107hrs on it locally in Texas listed for 2800 with a double trailer (not new). I don't know much about this ski and am looking for some advice in general, and also what specifically to look for. Is this still a reliable ski today? What should I be looking for price wise?

    If compression is on point and test ride goes ok, I was considering an offer of $2000 cash, but I don't want to offend if this is an unreasonable low ball. Let me know what you guys think!

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    I'm still riding my 99' and love it. Its not gonna ride like a three seater or otherwise larger ski likt the 250x, but they are darn fast for the money. Here in Virginia $2000 would be very low for a low hour 05'. I doubt you'll offend anyone by offering though.

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