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    Questions about motor for 2005 Seadoo 3D 782 Rotax

    Looking at a 2005 Seadoo. Lists as having a 782 Rotax engine with possible blown motor. Basic Question:
    1.What year motors will fit this ski ? I believe its the same block over several different years and models?
    2.What would be a fair price for a used replacement motor if I find motor is blown ?
    3. I have never rebuilt a Rotax. Is it generally hard to do a tear down and rebuild if needed to do it myself?

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    If it is a "carbed" engine, any carb engine from 96-up would be the same, and interchange. If it is a RFI ( fuel injected) you would have to find a FI engine.

    I would suggest getting a good look at the original engine. What failed? Why? If all the aluminum is good, ( engine cases, cyls, head, etc) you could just rebuild what you have. Buying used can be hit and miss. Depends on the seller, does he / she know what they are doing? Do they know good from bad? ( I find MOST people do not) Is it fresh water, salt water, etc. You do not want to end up with a 2nd engine that has issues.

    Get a shop manual for your machine, and read up on it. A rebuild is not hard, and if done right, you will be further ahead, as you will know what you have.

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